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A Christian Marketing Experiment

Updated: May 13

Today I have sought to find a solution to a personal pain point in hopes of also helping provide a solution for others facing similar frustrations. Marketing online to your target audience is difficult and not to mention expensive! Groups online are a great way to promote to a highly specific audience. However, there are limitations.

Groups online are usually built around a central topic with an expressed purpose. They are often intended for the primary success and influence of whatever person or entity formed the group. As groups grow, they attract attention. People begin to see the group as a potential platform for self-promotion. They think large group + free post = free marketing. However, promotions are often strictly prohibited in these groups to keep people "on topic." This allows the group administrators to control the content and reach of the group. There is perhaps a good reason for this (especially in certain groups). However, as I joined more groups in the hopes of finding ways to promote my own product, I began to run into all of the rules and limitations. I also begin to realize I was not alone. A large number of people in these groups simply join because they want to promote. However, they are often required to resort to sly work-arounds in the form of asking open ended questions that "promote engagement" while also getting their desired promotional message across.

Then it hit me. What if a group was formed with the expressed purpose of allowing people to market their products, services, and events? As a result, I decided to do a Facebook group experiment and name it the Free Christian Marketing Space. I chose to make the group specifically for Christians not because I personally want to exclusively market to Christians, but because I believe within a group of like-minded individuals like Christians, there is a higher chance for marketer and consumer overlap. As a Christian myself, I am often most interested in quality products and services offered by other Christians, and my products will also likely have a more natural appeal to other Christians.

Now that I have addressed the pain point and a possible solution, I want to share the description of the Free Christian Marketing Space I created:

"Are you tired of trying to find groups that fully align with your Christian mission? Are you tired of trying to market your Christian products, services, and events in groups with anti-spam rules pushing for open-ended questions and discouraging direct self-promotion? If you are a Christian business owner, entrepreneur, or church leader, this group is intended for you as a FREE space to market your work for God's Kingdom while also allowing you to witness and find encouragement through other like-minded individuals in the same fight.

We believe that what you have to offer is NOT spam. In fact, we believe the exact opposite. We believe that you have something VALUABLE to offer the community of online Believers. We are absolutely itching for you to share it! Chances are, as a Christian promoting your own products, YOU are also the target market of other Christians promoting theirs!

On the other hand, if you are a simply a Christian consumer trying to discover and support the many wonderful Christian made products and services out there, don't feel unwelcome. You are also invited along for the ride!

Marketing in and of itself is not a bad thing. We are often conditioned to view it in a negative light as we respond to the barrage of harmful products, false promises, and materialistic worldviews that permeate the world of marketing today. However, marketing is a beautiful thing when it connects people made in the image of God to products and services genuinely intended to improve their wellbeing for the ultimate purpose of glorifying God.

Our goal is not only to provide a free and safe place to market and discover Christian products, services, and events, but also to help provide a laser focus--especially for those doing the marketing. Matthew 6:33 tells us, "But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well." The key to this verse is not focusing on "all these things" and how we can get them, but on the fact that we are to seek God's Kingdom first above all else. As you choose to market what you believe God has called you to, we encourage you to remember one simple thing before you post. Please ask yourself:

"What is my Kingdom Focus?"

Without further adieu, let's get marketing!"

Join the Free Christian Marketing Space here:

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